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this is one of the best takedowns of mental illness superpowers ever done

god bless danny pudi

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Paizo Introduces New Trans Woman Iconic for Pathfidner RPG





One of my favorite game companies, Paizo Publishing, just revealed their fifth of six new characters for their new Advanced Class Guide book. Her name is Shaardra and she’s a dwarven trans woman of color!

Oh my gods this is amazing.


holy shit this fucking rules

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Not gonna lie some guy literally walked down my road an hour ago drawing faces on everybody’s cars

What a cockmunch

Like, he could have been nice and actually wiped their cars off

but instead he drew faces on them as if to say “I was here and put effort in to do something, but it was something useless.”


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Have you even considered changing the pronouns on cards that say, "his or her hand/library/etc." to a gender neutral singular pronoun such as they/them or xe/hir to be more inclusive to non-binary gender identities?
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Words are central to the game and I definitely agree that words hold a lot of power. The issue is that our number one priority for the words in our game is clarity. We’re a game and a complicated game at that. Our words have to make it as easy as possible to understand what you need to do in the game.

Language is ever evolving and with time it fits the beliefs of the society that wields it. Right now the English language is wrestling with gender identity. I believe there will come a time where genderless possessive pronouns are well known, clear and unambiguous.

That time though is not yet upon us and as a game that has to prioritize the clarity of its language, we need to wait.


Stop, goddamnit, just stop. xe/hir ARE NOT FUCKING WORDS. Xe, at best, is a corruption of a Chinese word (which would, btw, be cultural appropriation, shitlord) and hir? Fucking seriously? That’s not even pronounceable within the fucked up rules of the English language. 

Fucking hell. I am so sick and tired of this shit. You want gender neutral? It. IT. You are an ‘it.’ No one is left out, no one is human anymore. We are all ‘it,’ objects.

Transgender is a thing. The mind and the body are at an irreconcilable difference. Genderqueer? Fuck off you attention-seeking fuck. Genderfluid? Fuck off you attention-seeking fuck.

"My body is physically male/female, but I am unable to think of myself as anything other than female/male and this greatly distresses me." That is the definition of Transgender. I should read up on the research on what causes that type of disconnect, but I’d imagine it would be some type of hormonal/chemical imbalance during initial fetal development perhaps with parental/societal reinforcement after birth? 

"I wanna be a boy today teehee!" No. You are an attention whore. Stop that.

Look, the Transgendered folks I’ve known always explained it thusly, “I am physically female/male, but I identify as male/female. For personal interactions I am [insert opposite here.]” You identify as female? Her. You identify as male? Him. You identify as whatever clothes you had handy when you got out of bed? Stop that, attention whore.

None of you are special. None of you ever will be special. The world and language itself does not have to bend to your “Look at how special I am!” demands. Your emotional blackmail doesn’t mean shit. When you are dead and buried, what will you be? Some supahspeshul angel corpse, or will you be the same goddamn pile of decaying organic matter as everyone else? You aren’t special. In the grand scheme of things, you, me, everyone means nothing.

When I am cut, my blood is red. When you are cut, your blood is red. You are not special.

Your body can use the organs from mine, and vice versa (assuming proper histological/immune configurations). You are not special.

You’re young, that’s great. You’re looking for ways to differentiate yourself. Good for you. Be an individual!

Now do it with something worthwhile. Invent something, cure something, make something. Teach, learn, console and advise.

Find a hobby. Personally, I find knitting chainmaille to be quite relaxing. 

Just stop trying to prove how ‘special’ you are by acting like a bunch of entitled twats.

imagine getting this heated over the prospect of reading “target player exiles a card from their graveyard”

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"Most moviegoers will never know that women of color and LGBTQ characters were cut from Guardians of the Galaxy, but audiences will get to relate to the talking raccoon and the talking tree.” 

— Marissa Lee in Where’s the Diversity, Hollywood? Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blockbusters Overwhelmingly White, Male